Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas At Home!

We put the boys to bed {on 12/22} and later I heard Jabin coughing,
so I went to check on him.
He was fine. So as I was leaving the room I looked over at Evan ...And saw him sleeping with his Santa hat on!! :)
I just had to take a picture!
Christmas Eve day we made cookies for Santa, Greg's family and us!

For Santa! {I heard they were yummy! :)}
Evan's Santa: I love the decorating detail they do!!
Jabin's Sleigh

We bagged some cookies for Uncle Tim, Uncle Paul and Cousin Lyn.Christmas Morning!
Jabin was up at 5am and wanted to open presents!
I told him we couldn't 'til everyone was awake!
We made it to 6:30 am!

Books from Santa.


A tractor set for Evan.

Stockings filled with goodies!
NEW Spider~Man Suits that change from red to black!!

Jabin with his new Sock Monkey!
We even had a suit made for the Sock Monkey out of Jabin's 2nd old suit!
Evan with his new tub toys.

Yummy Monkey Buns fresh from the oven for Breakfast!

We had a nice day. Greg's Family came over around 4:30 pm.
I made a ham, cheesy potatoes, veggies, buns, and cheese cake for dessert!
We missed his Parents who spend the Winter in Texas!!

Christmas With Family

Saturday December 20th we went through all the snow to Rochester, MN to have Christmas with my Dad & Linda.
Jabin & Evan in front of Grandma & Grandpa's Tree.

Jabin got the Spider~Man Web Shooter he ALWAYS wanted and a Spider~Man Car, jammies and lots of other cool stuff!

Evan was helping Grandma hand out all the presents!

There was ONE BIG BOX left over...

"Grandma is that for ME???"It was for him!!

And it was the Thomas Action Cannon set he has been DREAMING about!

He kept saying "I'm SO lucky!" when he was opening it!

He got lots of other cool things, too!We had dinner at Perkins and went to a Play my Dad was in at his Church. Then back to Gr & Gr for Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake, then we headed home.

{It was a long drive! Right Honey??!! We made it home around 1 am!!}

On Sunday December 21st we had Christmas with my Mom & Ted.

EvanJabinThe got totes FULL of crafting supplies!!

And also puppets that my Mom made for them.

Mom and her Sheep we gave her for Christmas.

{made by Tina of course!!}


I received this gift and thought I'd share it: I thought it was so neat to turn a photo book in to a recipe book!
{Thanks, KaCey!}

This is the gift I made for our bus driver Sue.
It is a Cocoa Caddy.
It is filled with "to go" cups with covers,
cocoa packets, peppermint sticks and marshmallows.
The holder came from a gas station.
{Thanks for the pumpkin spice cappuccino, Denise! :)}

I bought the stocking ornament from my Sister Tina.
It has been a busy holiday and I am trying to catch~up!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas From Us!

This is our Holiday family photo for this year.
We were just "practicing" one night and this one turned out.
So, I called it good! {Yea!! No STRESS!}
I did get my customer Christmas post cards out and some Christmas Cards,
however I still haven't stamped the rest of our Christmas Cards!
SO...I have decided the rest on my list are getting Happy New Year cards!
I'll post a finished one...
as soon as I get them DONE! :)
Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Teacher Gifts

These are the note cards Evan helped make for his Teacher, Mrs. Koerper.
He needed "beautiful paper" because he loves her! {how sweet!} He did the stamping, most of the punching and the adhering! :)

These are the note cards Jabin made for his teacher, Mr. Moore.
How fitting for being in the "Monkey" Class.
Jabin got the Monkey stamp, shown on the envelopes,
for Christmas from Gramma Kathy.

Jabin loves to help, too! :)
He likes the "tape in the box".
{aka SNAIL Adhesive!}

The gift I made...

For our Scrap N' Stampers group we had a Holiday Party and a Gift Exchange.
We draw names and get a $5 gift and make a Hand~Made Something.
I had Angie so this is what I bought & made her:I {love} these IKEA trees!! :)

Since Angie has two little ones,
I thought I would give her a head start for Valentines Day!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2nd Place

My sister had a decorate a tree contest on her blog.

I sent her these pictures:

Evan the tree.

Jabin the tree.
They had found the garland and were being silly!
{like normal!!}
They took 2nd place! :)
To see the winner of the tree contest check out

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 15th Tonic Sol-fa Day in Mpls!

Last night was Date Night for Greg & I!!
Gramma Kathy came to spend the night with the Boys!
{thanks MOM! :)}
We went out to eat with some Friends at the Hard Rock Cafe in Minneapolis...
Dawn, Jimmy Legs, Greg, Me {after two drinks!}, Scotty J and Glenda
Then we went to Tonic Sol-fa at Orchestra Hall!!
If you went to the Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City, UT over the summer,
they were the group that sang for us!! :)
{I was more than a tad excited at convention, let me tell you!! If you haven't read about it you will find my posts about it *here* and *here* oh and *here* }

We FINALLY made it to the show after getting LOST in the sky ways!

We missed the opening act, Richie McDonald from Lone Star.

Darn it!

Lucky for us he came out and sang another song {Already There} with Tonic Sol-fa.

I WISH I could have taken better pictures!
While we were there they announced that
How Cool Is That!

After the show we were leaving and I got crunched in the revolving doors!
{I was SO embarrassssssssed, but I am still laughing about it!}

We ended up walking outside the WCCO Plaza {Ch 4} while they were doing the 10:00 news.
I found the segment Good Question on their web site and saw one of the guys walking in the background!

It was SO cold walking last night!
And I LOST my FAVORITE knitted mittens! :(

Lost must have been the theme for the night,
because Scotty J couldn't find the entrance to the parking ramp, didn't know what level he parked on and couldn't find the parking ticket!

Greg and I got home just after 12 am.
Gramma Kathy & the boys were sleeping cozy! :)

{thanks for the wonderful date night, Greg!!}

{and thanks again Mom for staying!}

For You Dad!

After I posted my December Club Cards my Dad sent me this reply:

What? No Mr. Twigster today?

So Dad here is a little Mr. Twigster Gift tag I added to
a kraft gift box full of cards, pens and chocolates
for our Retz Girls Gift Exchange.
I gave cards last year, since I have a connection! :)
And Tanya got my gift...Well she got my gift again this year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

An Interior Re~Do…Thanks Sis!

We started building our house in the Spring of 2006.
{not that we have it finished yet!}

I remember watching the excavators digging the basement . I had checked my voice mail and had a message from my Aunt Sue. She was trying to get a hold of my Mom to let her know that they were taking Grandma Retz to the hospital.

A long story kind-of short we did not have a very nice spring! My Grandma was in the hospital and not doing well. Then my cousin Richie had an accident the shop he was working in and passed away. {He was just shy of turning 30 at the time.} Then Grandma Retz passed away. And the very next week we had another funeral.

Then April of 2007 Grandpa Retz passed away. We moved in our house in May of 2007. Neither Grandparent had seen our house, just pictures of us working on it.

I have collected little treasures from them and “the farm” over the years and they have just been packed away in the basement...


Last Tuesday, my EVER-SO-Talented, sister Tina came over to “help” me decorate our house. The Retz Family was having Christmas here so I wanted it done!

When Tina got here we headed to the basement to go on a treasure hunt!

I never knew I had so many cool things collected! {Most would call it junk!}

Here are some before pictures:

And the after pictures...

A shaker house I had and Tina put a candle in it. There is Grandma's old flour sifter & white pitcher, a basket of eggs, an old scale and my Longaberger Harmony Basket set.

Here she put some old pots from Grandma, a picture of an old barn I had, old Milk Bottles from Greg's Mom, my collection of Ball canning jars {99% of them from Grandma!} and an old basket I found at a yard sale for $1.

This Tina had made me and my mom made the snowman thingie! :)

Tina had made me the gingerbread man a few years ago.

The garlic holder I bought at a craft sale.

My Jar Collection!

This looks so neat at night!

My Dear Husband put outlets on the top of our cabinets and put in a switch to control them.
Tina put strands of Christmas lights up on the cabinet tops for me. :)

I had all this and Tina just put it all together!

{She had dipped the light for me.}
I had these pictures in our dining room already!
We also have cork boards for the boys to hang pictures they have made.
I love to see the things they make! :)

The tray my Friend Ann gave me and I added the stuff to it.
My Mom made me the table runner.
{Tina took it home and baked it in her oven to make it look old!}

I had all this and she did that...Our Great RoomAbove the TV we ended up with a bonus "basket" shelf.

Once again Greg put in an outlet & a switch for me. {He is the BEST!}

Grandpa Retz made me the trellis and the baskets were from flower arrangements from both Grandparents funerals.

Since the Guest Room is not done we have the dresser in the Great Room.

It holds all of our CDs & Movies.

Our Christmas Tree.
Most of the ornaments were collected from the years.
My Dad & Linda give us a new one every year. :)
The buffet was my Friend Lauren's Grandmas.
My mom just made the boys Christmas stockings.

The LARGE star I bought from Tina.
This is Helen.
{Helen was Grandma Retz's middle name.}
Can you guess who made her??

Tina made it for me using fabric that Grandma was using to make a quilt, but never finished.

She made my Mom one and Named it Margaret.
{Grandma's first name.}

I got the "Love" picture from the Retz Christmas Girl Gift exchange.
Yes, Tina made that too!

My mom made me my Kleenex Kozie.
Cardinal Birds remind me of Grandma. She LOVED birds!

This my Mom made me.
It was Grandma's wooden spoon.
Well loved and used, That Grandma could cook!
I could go for her chicken & rice dish right about now!

This box Tina made, but my Aunt Sue gave it to me last Christmas as a house warming gift!

The Santa, I made when I was in Kindergarten!
I always wanted a railing to hang garland on.
And Greg put an outlet right by it to plug in Christmas lights.

Tina brought over these cute little candy canes she made out of pipe cleaners.This is our back entry way.

{we use this one the most...since we don't have a sidewalk up to the front door yet! :)

I bought the sheep from Tina.Tina embroidered the names on the basket liners for me.
{Baby crazy me, has two more baskets stored away,
just-in-case we are blessed with more babies!
hehee, I HAD to get them since Longaberger retired these baskets! :)}
We use these all year, and we use them for our "stockings" at Christmas.
The old mail box was from the farm.

My mom said when they would play it was their play mail box.

I bought this from my mom.

{She made it!}

After all of Tina's help I was inspired!
I put the stuff in my umbrella basket.
I bought some of the Greens at BitterSweet Farms in Amery.

Here is the powder room by the back door and garage.

This display case was in the living room of the Farm.


The little bird house Greg bought me in 2001...
It had my engagement ring in it!! :)
{He totally surprised me with it!}There is a little tour of some of our "HOME".

Our home was built with love
{and LOTS of hard work, sweat, freezing butts off & even blood!}
by Greg and his Parents, Loren & Karen,
Friends {Jimmy Legs, Todd & Joe} and Brothers.
We will be forever greatful!!
My family helped out when they could.
And we will still need help before we are done! :)
BTW-Grandma Kathy you may get a call soon
since we are ready for carpet in the Master Bed Room!

And now, Thanks to Tina, and her massive skills,
Our house Feels Like HOME!
Now there are reminders of our Family & Friends all over!
I just LOVE IT!! :)

Andy :)