Friday, July 18, 2008

Sock Monkey

What??? It's FRIDAY???
My pre-order of NEW Stamps & Goodies came yesterday! The Sock Monkey set was a big hit with the Boys! I just got a little peek of what is new. I can't wait to see the New Catalog!!

Last night was the July Stamp-A-Stack! You missed a great time! I used my famous line:
"You can do what you want...BUT/Now what I like to do" ;o) I love you guys!
My group was still here when the boys went to bed. It was late and they were tired. Jabin started to cry because we didn't get to stamp with the Sock Monkey Set. He thought the "Stamping Ladies" were using it. I had to reassure him that I was saving that set for us to stamp with tomorrow morning and gave him the set to "sleep" with.

Well be careful when you tell your kids "tomorrow morning"!! Jabin came out of his room {early!!} with the Sock Monkey Set and was ready to stamp!! So that is what we did.

Here is the picture Jabin made:

Here is my card using LIMITED supplies that were on the table from last night:

Here is Evan CASEing my card:

Here is Evan's finished card and he had to change out of his jammies {his brother let him be Spider-Man today. I love when they share!}:

Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend! Happy Stamping!!

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