Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yep, I spent quality time with my Sweet Husband on the ROOF today! We are trying to get the siding done on our house. My Dad & Linda (and Dawn) picked-up Evan & Jabin and took them for the day so we could get some work done. I'm glad they had fun today!! :) They said they would e-mail me some pictures...I'll post some when they do.

Most of the siding has been put on by Greg and his Dad. I occasionally get to help out. Yesterday and today {and I'm sure tomorrow, too!} it was my turn! :)

Yes, we "only" got 5 rows on the top done, but that took time to cut the ends to fit just right! {Right Greg! I tell ya he amazes me with his construction skills!}

Did I mention I was up there helping?? I get a little freaked out when I have to go on the roof, but I did, I didn't really have a choice!

{This is why we work so well together...He cracks me up!}

We even started putting the shakes that "I" had to have on the front of the house! We even started above the stamp room! Can you see how messy it is in there?? :) I think it will look great once it is done! We will have to paint the house in the spring. That will be another "FUN" quality time together project I'm sure!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I hope to post some stampin' stuff soon!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Week!

It has been BUSY around here!
Last weekend my Mom took Evan and Amaya Camping and Jabin got to stay with Mom & Dad. It was WEIRD having One Kid! Jabin was Lonely with out his Brother! Evan had a GREAT time and wants to go again!
We worked on the house. Yep, STILL trying to get the siding on! {Greg you are doing a GREAT Job!} We had our little friend Chloe {Who by the way wants to be a stamper like Andy some day!} over to play with Jabin while her Parents went to Target. While there I had them pick me up some cute little tins I had seen last week, but for some reason didn't get, only to see Patty's idea with them! I'll have you know Bonnie & Pat went to Hudson & Stillwater Target and bought all they had for me at each store!

I added a Decor Element to a tin and some Chocolate Chip 3/4" Grosgrain Ribbon. {This Flower was one ONLY Demonstrators received.}


{Sorry but no Pictures!}

The Boys and I went to Ikea for the FIRST time with our Friend Jim and his Daughter Michele. Then I ran into Target to look for a "few" more cute little tins while they went and got Pizzas. THEN we went back to their house and Greg met us for Pizza & Swimming. At Ikea I ONLY spent $25.03 on good stuff and $4 on frozen yogurt, more good stuff! I NEED to go back without the kids to "look" some more!
I was sneezing all day and thought it was just allergies.

I woke-up not feeling very well, I got a cold!!
The Boys and I ran to Stillwater to return some stuff and met Greg at his work so we could go to the Minnesota State Fair. We stayed for a few hours. I had to have the $6 turkey sandwich, the kids had $3 cotton candy, $3 corn dog, Greg had all of the above, $5 cheese curds and a $3 coke. {thanks for sharing them with me Honey!}
We had to have $7.50 cup of Sweet Martha Cookies, and somehow I thought I was going to order and Greg thought He was going to order and we turned and we BOTH had a Cup of Cookies and a Glass of Milk. He seemed a Little um..."ticked" at first and I just had to laugh! We all ate some cookies, drank the milk and had some cookies to bring home for a snack! :)

{Jabin, Evan & Greg on our $12 Space Needle Ride!}

When I got home I found out I had a NEW Recruit! My First so I "HAD" to start a StampinandyDL Blog... DL for DownLine! :) I will HAVE to add more to it but here is the address:
I want to post more Stampin' Business Ideas on there and keep this Blog the same.


Still not feeling well, but better only now I hardly have a voice! But the Show or The Workshop, in my case, MUST GO ON! I spent the day getting ready! My Hostess was great and I'm glad the Guests weren't too hard on me! :) {They were great, too! Thanks for putting up with me!}

I have Pictures I'll add on different posts over the next few days! So keep checking back! :)

Today I was feeling better, my voice still "funny" sounding though! We had to get all Evan & Jabin's School Supplies ready for KINDERGARTEN!! They had Open House at school today so we could bring in the supplies! They are SO excited! They will be in different classes this year. Each of them have a WONDERFUL Teacher! I am So GRATEFUL for that! :) And the rooms are right next to each other! {BONUS!}



I thought I would get some pictures today! I am going to TRY to hold myself back from following the bus to school on Tuesday! I know they can do it! Just look at them, they are Big Boys now...Right??!!??? :)

Now I am off to bed to get some rest.


To Be Announced! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Boy Announcements for Tara

After I made Tara's baby shower card seen *here*. She asked if I would help her with the announcements... SURE!!!! :) I made these three samples...

Sample No. 1
4 X 4 Square W/Pull-Out Wallet Picture

Sample No. 2
PostCard Size W/Wallet Picture

Sample No. 3
4 X 9 Card with Flap

They decided on Sample No. 3

The supplies have been ordered and when they get here I said she could come over and we will "Whip" them up for her, BEFORE Baby arrives! Then she can just print out the New Baby Info and mail them out. Her Family and Friends will wonder...How in the world did she make such cute announcements when she just had a baby! :) {...It will be our little secret Tara!}

Sunday, August 24, 2008

October 12th, 2008 Hostess Luncheon

October 12th, 2008 Hostess Luncheon Make-N-Take:

When you've hosted a workshop with me, between July and September 2008, You and a Guest will be invited to my Hostess Luncheon. A Prize will be awarded to the Hostess with the Highest Workshop Sales of the quarter. There will be a {FREE} Make-N-Take, pictured above, AND We will be having Soup & Salad for Lunch.

You DON’T want to miss this event!

Wy not Book your workshop today! :)
{Be sure to ask me about my NEW Workshop Options.}

The next quarter runs October through December 2008 with the Luncheon in January 2009.
I {Heart} My Hostesses!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I received this e-mail from Kevin today:

I just received the BLOG OF THE MONTH AWARD and want to pass it on to YOU!
You need to copy and paste the award onto your blog and then put who gave it to you...
When you send it to someone else, send the above instructions!
LOVE the music on your blog!!!
(OK. I need to go to bed!)
Crop-A-Dile Hunter!
Sr. Manager since 1996
Hastings, NE

I truly feel HONORED!!

{Thanks Kevin!!}

I am going to pass this Blog of the Month Award to.........

Justina DeNucci at Peper Creek Gatherings

I know she is my sister...But I am SO PROUD of all Her Work! She has meet some incredible NEW Friends through blogging and her love of Crafty Stuff!! She and My Mom are quite the crafty pair I mean "Junk Chicks"!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Simply Scrappin' Challenge...Accepted

Please don't finish up 15 cards thinking you are FINALLY going to bed for the night {at 11:45pm, mind you}, then look on, because as you are "X-ing" out the 10 web pages you have open, you happen to see a Simply Scrappin' Kit Challenge Kevin offered and accept it!! :)
Here was his Challenge:
To make a card ONLY using: a Simply Scrappin' Kit, glitter, ribbon and ONE punch!


Here is what I "Whipped-Up".....

{I see the "girl in the basket" likes it... She is smiling! ... Ok, SERIOUSLY, I need to go to bed!!}

This is a 4" X 12" pc of Textured Chocolate Chip, Scored at 3" to make the flap. I was thinking a CUTE Holiday Family Picture could fit on the Real Red & SnowFlake paper. Then you could add a Holiday Greeting inside the flap part. {I couldn't add a greeting because it said "NO STAMPS!"} :)

Sorry if the pictures are dark...It is late ya know! LOL :)

Have a GREAT weekend!

We will be working on the House.

All Stampin' Up! (R) Supplies Used:

I Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit

Dazzling Diamonds Glitter

Real Red 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon

Corner Rounder

Sorry Boys...

Don't you just hate tough LOVE! That is how if felt as I had to HOLD Evan down for his shots yesterday. Then while he is getting his shots, and is SCREAMING & CRYING, Jabin starts CRYING and crawls under the exam table. (The new tables have an open shelf at the bottom.) So after I comfort Evan it is time for Jabin's shots. :( I had to peal him out from under the table to get him ON the exam table. That is when he started SCREAMING along with the CRYING. I had to hold him down and the two other nurses held his legs and gave the 4 shots.
Yep, I was glad it was over, but I was left with two crying boys with sore legs. The only thing I could think of that might help the situation...Ice Cream! So we went to Culver's and had some Ice Cream and a little lunch. Then off to Office Max & Target {were we found some COOL School Supplies!} then Jimmy Legs' Pool.
Their legs were still sore last night...We'll see how today goes.
Here are some pool pictures from Monday August 18th. I didn't bring my camera yesterday.

Jabin & I...Evan...

Paige, Jabin, Evan, Me & Jim (Greg was taking the picture)...

We made it home at 6pm and my Stamp Club Started at 6:30pm. What a day! It's no wonder why I have a headache today! Thank goodness for ice cold PEPSI!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Quick Alligator Card

A quick card…And when I say quick I mean the Birthday Party for Evan & Jabin’s Neighbor Friend started at 3 pm Saturday and after a busy day the time was now 2:45pm and I still needed a card. Hmmm…The Birthday Theme was Alligators so I found this card fitting.

I Like it!! I might have to make some more and just add a little something!

I’ll have more to share from My NEW Stamp Clubs that started this week. The Boys have their 5 yr check-ups today and they need lots of shots. {WISH US ALL LUCK with that one!} Our “treat” will be shopping for school supplies at TARGET {YES!!}, Office Max {another, YES!!} and then off to Jimmy Legs’ pool to swim. We just have to be back by 6 pm for my stamp club!! :)

Have a good day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 17th Open House Pictures

Thanks to those that came to my Open House on Sunday!! If you didn't make it here is what you missed...
{YUMMY} Pumpkin Bars

Free Make-N-Takes


Convention Card Swaps

Big Shot Demos

And the two kids you missed, and so did everyone else that came, were Evan & Jabin!! :) It was different not having them at the open house!! They love to "help" and tell stories when the "Stamping Ladies" come over! They got lucky and went to Grandma KC's house for a few days! Greg was here putting up siding and made everyone jump each time he used his nail gun! We had the evening to ourselves and we actually got to watch a movie together. It was a niced day!

Thanks!! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

WINNER of the 1,000 {plus} Hits & a Give~Away!!!

Anonymous said...
I love getting cards from children. I love their art work and messages. Evan and Jabin how are you guys? I miss your smiling faces. Hope you had a great birthday. What a great site Andy.Take Care, Louann
August 15, 2008 6:55 PM
Congratulations Louann!!! You are the winner!!!
{Thank you to all of you that posted a comment on my give~away!}
And Louann... I'll just bring you your winnings since you live so close! :)
Now I will let you know what I like...
I like to make cards & notes for my Husband, Greg. I try to leave little cards or notes mixed in with his lunch for work. {Once I even wrote a note on his Mt Dew can...I can't say what I wrote though :)} I like to put cards in his bag if he is going away for the weekend. Even when I leave I will hide notes/cards for him to find while I am gone.
{I like to give my boys cards & notes, too!!}
I also like to stamp cards with all my little stampin' buddies. My little stampin' buddies are SO creative and make the cutest things!!
I like to get cards and notes from Greg & my boys, family & friends....Hand Made are the BEST!

Friday, August 15, 2008

1,000 {plus} Hits & a Give~Away!!!

{This give~away has officially ended on August 18th, 2008 @ 11:08 pm.}
These goodies could be yours!!!

As a way of thanking you for having an interest in my life :)!! I am giving~away this load of goodies! How can you win??? Just answer this question:

What is your favorite kind of "Card", to get OR to give, someone???

Just leave your answer as comment on THIS post!! {please make sure you have an e-mail address included so I can contact the winner!}

I will have the boys draw a winner the evening, of Monday August 18th, 2008!!! Then look for the Give~Away Winner post on Tuesday August 19th, 2008.

Good Luck and Thanks for everything!

august 2008 andy's stampin' news

andy’s stampin’ news
august 2008

Well, first I need to thank those of you who participated in the July 2008 Mystery Hostess!! {Thank YOU!!!} Sorry I never sent out a winner list. Let me do that now…And the winners are…
1st Prize: Level One Hostess Only Set of your choice
Winner: Angie

2nd Prize: $15 Free Merchandise of your choice
Winner: Angie

3rd Prizes: Hostess Luncheon invitation for you & a guest.(Held on October 12th at my house.)
Winner: Ann

4th Prize: 4 Hand Stamped Cards from Me! ;o)
Winner: Ann

Here is one card Ann won:

I may have had a few distractions with my Boys turning 5 and a few days later I left for Salt Lake City, UT for the Stampin’ Up! ® Convention!! Many of you have been reading my blog,
so you have read about my exciting moments!! I am having a blog give~away so be sure to check my blog for that post and leave a comment. You just might win if you follow the rules and are lucky!!

NEW Fall~Winter Idea Book & Catalog Open House

Join me at my house on Sunday August 17th, 2008 1-5pm and see what is NEW! I will have lots to show you from Convention!! Free Make-n-Takes, refreshments, prizes and more! Bring a Friend! I know I didn’t ask you to RSVP, however, if you know you are coming could you PLEASE let me know…I want to make sure I will have enough make-n-take supplies ready for you all!! :) For a make-n-take sneak peek click *here* .

Stamp Clubs Starting in August at Andy’s House

Below are two of the August Club Cards we will make!!!!

Upsy Daisy

Heard From The Heart

{I case'd this from a convention swap...thanks Lynn W.}

Here is what you will receive as a Club Member:

~THE NEW Fall~Winter Idea Book & Catalog~Make & Take 6 cards at every meet!!

~YOU will be the Hostess at one of the meets**!

(We will draw names at the first meet to determine the order of hostesses.)

**Hostess Benefits include Free Merchandise, Free Hostess Only Set and a Hostess Luncheon Invitation for you and a guest!!

Each Club Member agrees to spend a minimum of $25 (before shipping & tax) at each club meet. {If you are unable to attend you will still need to place your order by the date of the meet. I will complete your cards for you and you can get them at your earliest convenience.}

Wednesday Morning Stamp Club Meets at 9 am

Dates:August 20th November 19th

September 17th December 17th

October 15th January 21st

Thursday Evening Stamp Club Meets at 6:30pm

Dates:August 21st November 20th

September 18th December 18th

October 16th January 22nd

Space is LIMITED so please sign-up early!

Please let me know if you would like a registration form or have any questions!

Item #, Page #, Description, Regular Price, Promotional Price
111690, 32, Snow Swirled, $24.95, $21.21
111586, 55, It's a Stretch, $23.95, $20.36
111544, 81, Putt Putt, $24.95, $21.21
111626, 91, Eastern Blooms, $21.95, $18.66
111672, 98, Pocket Silhouettes, $18.95, $16.11
111710, 101, Upsy Daisy, $18.95, $16.11
111556, 109, Under the Stars, $29.95, $25.46
111644, 145, Heard from the Heart, $22.95, $19.51
111570, 157, Contempo Alphabet, $40.95, $34.81
109381, 23, Felicidades Siempre*, $17.95, $15.26
*From Celebrando Creatividad

Starter Kit Promotion
Your Business, Your Choice

Becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator has never been easier!

From August 11 through October 11, you can choose from three different Starter Kits with three different focuses, depending on your interests--and each one is only $99!
Stamp-Focused Starter Kit
Scrapbook-Focused Starter Kit
Home Decor-Focused Starter Kit
Please contact me for more information!!

Have a Super rest of August!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August Open House Sneak Peek!!

My Open House is Sunday Aug 17th 1-5 pm!!

I have been very busy "working" {OK, playing with new stamps, ink colors, the Big Shot, and Decor Elements!!} on getting ready for my Open House!!

When they showed us the Spooky Spider Decor Elements at Convention I knew who "had" to have it at our house! Here is a Picture of Jabin & his new Decor Elements Spider:

{I wouldn't try putting YOUR decor elements on the wall while your son is jumping on his bed!}

Here is your Open House Sneek Peek of what we'll be making:

I still have more to get done!!! Plus, I have to go to the store and get stuff to make Pumpkin Bars {with cream cheese frosting!!} for Sunday!!! Yummmmmy!!!
OH MY!!! I just seen that I have had 1,000 hits on my blog counter!!! I'll have to get a give~away ready & post it later today!!!