Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Week!

It has been BUSY around here!
Last weekend my Mom took Evan and Amaya Camping and Jabin got to stay with Mom & Dad. It was WEIRD having One Kid! Jabin was Lonely with out his Brother! Evan had a GREAT time and wants to go again!
We worked on the house. Yep, STILL trying to get the siding on! {Greg you are doing a GREAT Job!} We had our little friend Chloe {Who by the way wants to be a stamper like Andy some day!} over to play with Jabin while her Parents went to Target. While there I had them pick me up some cute little tins I had seen last week, but for some reason didn't get, only to see Patty's idea with them! I'll have you know Bonnie & Pat went to Hudson & Stillwater Target and bought all they had for me at each store!

I added a Decor Element to a tin and some Chocolate Chip 3/4" Grosgrain Ribbon. {This Flower was one ONLY Demonstrators received.}


{Sorry but no Pictures!}

The Boys and I went to Ikea for the FIRST time with our Friend Jim and his Daughter Michele. Then I ran into Target to look for a "few" more cute little tins while they went and got Pizzas. THEN we went back to their house and Greg met us for Pizza & Swimming. At Ikea I ONLY spent $25.03 on good stuff and $4 on frozen yogurt, more good stuff! I NEED to go back without the kids to "look" some more!
I was sneezing all day and thought it was just allergies.

I woke-up not feeling very well, I got a cold!!
The Boys and I ran to Stillwater to return some stuff and met Greg at his work so we could go to the Minnesota State Fair. We stayed for a few hours. I had to have the $6 turkey sandwich, the kids had $3 cotton candy, $3 corn dog, Greg had all of the above, $5 cheese curds and a $3 coke. {thanks for sharing them with me Honey!}
We had to have $7.50 cup of Sweet Martha Cookies, and somehow I thought I was going to order and Greg thought He was going to order and we turned and we BOTH had a Cup of Cookies and a Glass of Milk. He seemed a Little um..."ticked" at first and I just had to laugh! We all ate some cookies, drank the milk and had some cookies to bring home for a snack! :)

{Jabin, Evan & Greg on our $12 Space Needle Ride!}

When I got home I found out I had a NEW Recruit! My First so I "HAD" to start a StampinandyDL Blog... DL for DownLine! :) I will HAVE to add more to it but here is the address:
I want to post more Stampin' Business Ideas on there and keep this Blog the same.


Still not feeling well, but better only now I hardly have a voice! But the Show or The Workshop, in my case, MUST GO ON! I spent the day getting ready! My Hostess was great and I'm glad the Guests weren't too hard on me! :) {They were great, too! Thanks for putting up with me!}

I have Pictures I'll add on different posts over the next few days! So keep checking back! :)

Today I was feeling better, my voice still "funny" sounding though! We had to get all Evan & Jabin's School Supplies ready for KINDERGARTEN!! They had Open House at school today so we could bring in the supplies! They are SO excited! They will be in different classes this year. Each of them have a WONDERFUL Teacher! I am So GRATEFUL for that! :) And the rooms are right next to each other! {BONUS!}



I thought I would get some pictures today! I am going to TRY to hold myself back from following the bus to school on Tuesday! I know they can do it! Just look at them, they are Big Boys now...Right??!!??? :)

Now I am off to bed to get some rest.


To Be Announced! :)

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