Thursday, August 7, 2008


My Shipment of the NEW FALL~WINTER IDEA BOOK & CATALOGS arrived just now!!!

Want One??
With HUNDREDS of ideas from cards, scrapbook pages, 3-D projects and much more, it is the BEST IDEA BOOK, I feel, you can buy! {...or get for FREE!}

Here are a few ways you can get one:

1. Book Your Workshop Today and get yours FREE! I have new Workshop Options available for you to choose from! Some include bringing your guests to my house, so you don't have to clean yours! :) Ask me for more details!!

2. Sign-up for a Wednesday Morning or Thursday Evening Stamp Club and get yours FREE!

3. Purchase one from Me. Now Through August 17th, 2008 ONLY get your FALL~WINTER IDEA BOOK & CATALOG for just $5 {a total savings of $6.55}. After August 18th, 2008 the FALL~WINTER IDEA BOOK & CATALOG will be $10 {a savings of $1.55}. {Please note this is a pick-up price, if you need yours mailed additional charges may apply... just ask me for details!}

4. View the FALL~WINTER IDEA BOOK & CATALOG on-line at after August 11th, 2008.
Hope you ALL have a Wonderful DAY!!!

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