Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello From Convention In Salt Lake City, UT!!!

Ok so I don't have a way to add any pictures of the NEW anything.... So why don't you just close your eyes and think of what might be in a NEW FALL~WINTER IDEA BOOK & CATALOG...

I bet you were thinking:
New Stamp Sets ... BIG TIME CHECK!!
New Designer Series Paper... BIG TIME CHECK!!!
New Inspiring Samples......BIG BIG BIG TIME CHECK!!!!
The list could go on & on & on & on & on OK so you get the point.. RIGHT??!!??

This new Fall~Winter Idea Book & Catalog has blown me AWAY!!! I can't WAIT to show it off to you!!! {insert the YOU & YOUR FRIENDS DO NOT WANT TO MISS MY OPEN HOUSE ON AUGUST 17th from 1 to 5} And for all you Scrap N' Stampers see you August 5th!!

Tonight at Convention was the Awards Night and I about passed out when Tonic Sol~Fa was the entertainment!!! They are a group from Minnesota. I have seen a few of their Christmas Concerts, they are awesome. ;o) {Tina, tell Nicci cuz we took her one time!}

I will leave you with visions of stamp sets floating in your head. I should TRY to sleep tonight, but I am still giggling like a little school girl because I got a few pictures of me with Tonic Sol~Fa and I got the guys to autograph my New Idea Book & Catalog!! ;o) I am one Lucky gal! {and Tina I am SO Glad you found that cute black dress with the pink band, for yourself then I took it from you, at least I looked good!

Family Note:
I miss you Greg and I miss you Evan & Jabin... all the excitement in the world could not stop me from thinking of you, missing you and most of all Loving you!! I can't wait to give you all big hugs and kisses!!

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GaRaGe GrAmmA said...

While you are having fun. I have been slaving away. Wait til you see what I did. The fireplace wall is now "Tile Red"! Looks awesome. The kitchen is getting a make over too with that same color with some black accents! Sounds like you are having fun. See you when you get home.