Monday, August 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I was so happy to see my FAMILY at the airport to pick me up yesterday!! I brought them back a little something a Peter Sam train for Evan and a Monkey for Jabin. Greg got a t-shirt from a bar I went to called Squatters in SLC, UT.

I have to unpack and collect my thoughts!! I have SO much to share with you so I will do so over the next few days!

Here is one {of many} of my best moments at Convention:

I lost my wrist band {very important to have one, because they use them for free stuff giveaways} so I went to the information booth. I was not going to open for a while so I thought I would look at the display boards they set up. I wanted to look for my card I sent in back in May. {posted *here* } And I started looking and RIGHT AWAY I seen it there on the board! I wanted to cry I was so happy! Being alone I asked another gal to take my picture:

Looking at the card I sent and the card I posted they are each a little different. I think it was because I was SO excited to send it to Stampin' Up! that I didn't take a picture of the "original" card and I had to remember "how" I made it when I went to make another one for my blog page. I can be that crazy sometimes!! :)

Like I said, I will add more later because I have so much to share! So PLEASE keep checking back!!

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