Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yep, I spent quality time with my Sweet Husband on the ROOF today! We are trying to get the siding done on our house. My Dad & Linda (and Dawn) picked-up Evan & Jabin and took them for the day so we could get some work done. I'm glad they had fun today!! :) They said they would e-mail me some pictures...I'll post some when they do.

Most of the siding has been put on by Greg and his Dad. I occasionally get to help out. Yesterday and today {and I'm sure tomorrow, too!} it was my turn! :)

Yes, we "only" got 5 rows on the top done, but that took time to cut the ends to fit just right! {Right Greg! I tell ya he amazes me with his construction skills!}

Did I mention I was up there helping?? I get a little freaked out when I have to go on the roof, but I did, I didn't really have a choice!

{This is why we work so well together...He cracks me up!}

We even started putting the shakes that "I" had to have on the front of the house! We even started above the stamp room! Can you see how messy it is in there?? :) I think it will look great once it is done! We will have to paint the house in the spring. That will be another "FUN" quality time together project I'm sure!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I hope to post some stampin' stuff soon!!

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Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Cute hubby..LOL! Tomorrow is the big day! The kids to school- we will be so bored- NOT! I'll call you tomorrow- at least 9 times.