Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry Boys...

Don't you just hate tough LOVE! That is how if felt as I had to HOLD Evan down for his shots yesterday. Then while he is getting his shots, and is SCREAMING & CRYING, Jabin starts CRYING and crawls under the exam table. (The new tables have an open shelf at the bottom.) So after I comfort Evan it is time for Jabin's shots. :( I had to peal him out from under the table to get him ON the exam table. That is when he started SCREAMING along with the CRYING. I had to hold him down and the two other nurses held his legs and gave the 4 shots.
Yep, I was glad it was over, but I was left with two crying boys with sore legs. The only thing I could think of that might help the situation...Ice Cream! So we went to Culver's and had some Ice Cream and a little lunch. Then off to Office Max & Target {were we found some COOL School Supplies!} then Jimmy Legs' Pool.
Their legs were still sore last night...We'll see how today goes.
Here are some pool pictures from Monday August 18th. I didn't bring my camera yesterday.

Jabin & I...Evan...

Paige, Jabin, Evan, Me & Jim (Greg was taking the picture)...

We made it home at 6pm and my Stamp Club Started at 6:30pm. What a day! It's no wonder why I have a headache today! Thank goodness for ice cold PEPSI!

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