Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tonic Sol-fa Stampin' Song... Love It!!

I loved this Tonic Sol-fa song from Convention 2008!

{Don't you just love YouTube!}

I have NO IDEA how to post it on my blog...I haven't got that down yet!


Just click *HERE* if you want to see the video!!

{Thanks Helen for sending me the link!}

I've been TRYING to get my stamp room together today!!??!! {OK, I try to EVERYDAY, but today I really tried!} I know many have asked me for pictures...I'll get there...soon I hope!

I'll add one stampin' picture from Convention:

I love what you can do with our punches... and we just had tacos for supper! :) {so I picked this one.} I can't say WHO made these babies, if you are out there GOOD JOB, you are very creative with the punches!!

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