Monday, August 18, 2008

WINNER of the 1,000 {plus} Hits & a Give~Away!!!

Anonymous said...
I love getting cards from children. I love their art work and messages. Evan and Jabin how are you guys? I miss your smiling faces. Hope you had a great birthday. What a great site Andy.Take Care, Louann
August 15, 2008 6:55 PM
Congratulations Louann!!! You are the winner!!!
{Thank you to all of you that posted a comment on my give~away!}
And Louann... I'll just bring you your winnings since you live so close! :)
Now I will let you know what I like...
I like to make cards & notes for my Husband, Greg. I try to leave little cards or notes mixed in with his lunch for work. {Once I even wrote a note on his Mt Dew can...I can't say what I wrote though :)} I like to put cards in his bag if he is going away for the weekend. Even when I leave I will hide notes/cards for him to find while I am gone.
{I like to give my boys cards & notes, too!!}
I also like to stamp cards with all my little stampin' buddies. My little stampin' buddies are SO creative and make the cutest things!!
I like to get cards and notes from Greg & my boys, family & friends....Hand Made are the BEST!

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