Monday, September 1, 2008

Jabin's Teacher Gift

Here is Jabin, A.K.A. Spider-Man, working on a gift for his Kindergarten Teacher, Mr. Moore. The class theme is Mr. Moore's Monkeys! Jabin made him Monkey peppermint patty covers! They are so cute! He is so excited to give them to Mr. Moore.

I just love all the the faces!!

Jabin went and found the Sock Monkey set from the stamp room so he could make a Monkey card. He asked me to cut out the banana and add "velcro"...that is what he calls stampin' dimensionals! He talk to Gramma Kathy on the phone and told her that he made these. Then he told her to "check mom's blog tomorrow for the pictures". :)
He is ready for school! He said I could get my painting done without any "bothering". I suppose he thinks I can get lots done when I am all alone during the day! {We'll just see about that!}

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