Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday's "Bake Sale"

On Saturday Greg's Family came over to help on the house. I made Banana Bread that morning for break time, then I made lunch. My Mother-In-Law helped clean-up the kitchen. {Thanks for cleaning my stove Karen!! I LOVE when you do that!!} And in the afternoon I made cookies for break time! {No wonder I can't get my work done! LOL}
The Boys have been wanting to have a "Bake Sale" and so I asked them if they wanted to have one! They were SO excited!! They got to work and set up the sale! But really the cookies were "for free" they said! :) So we ate more Cookies at the "Bake Sale" when it was quitting time at 6 o'clock! :)
Mmmmm, M&M & Butterscotch Chip Cookies!
Evan's "The Great Waterton Bake Sale" Sign.
Here is Jabin making his signs.
Evan with the cookies!
Yea!!! The first Customer, Grandma KC!!
Here is Dad wondering what is going on!!
At this point Jabin took the camera and started taking pictures!
I'm having some chips & salsa!Grandpa LorenDad {not all that beer was his! LOL}Grandma KCJabin and his Self Portrait!A picture of Evan. {Who clearly WANTS a TURN with the CAMERA!!}Evan's TURN!! :) Uncle Paul & Dad!

Evan taking a Family Picture!

SWITCH!! It's Jabin's turn to take the Family Picture!

Want to know how I made the cookies??

I just used a yellow box of cake mix and *this* recipie. {I didn't use the sugar on the cookies or the vanilla.} I added the M&M to the top of the cookie dough, just before I put them in the oven, for 1/2 the cookies and added butterscotch chips to the other 1/2 of the cookie dough. I've made them with a lemon cake mix and used lemon frosting, And a spice cake mix with cream cheese frosting. YummmmY!! :)

Have a GREAT DAY!! I have some more house work to to....THEN I get to Stamp!! I am working on My "Late" September NewLetter! And I have a few events planned, I just need to finalize the details!! :)

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Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Love the bake sale photos! I didnt get any cookies!!!!! Auntie Tina