Monday, October 20, 2008

back to "normal"??

Last week was a busy week around here with Greg being home.
We worked on a number of things, blown~in insulation in the attic,
putting in exhaust fans, new light switches and wood cutting. I got some staining done. Greg did most of the work, I was mostly "On~Call". :)
The biggest thing was getting retaining block started, forms made and getting the ground level, so Greg could pour the cement slab for the walk~out basement.
{He needs that done to finish the siding.}
Saturday was the BIG DAY...
and wouldn't you know I woke up with a migraine headache!!
Jabin brought me a cup of crackers, in bed, because I felt SO sick!!
I had Greg's family coming over and the cement truck coming...
so I had to "suck it up" and deal with it!! Plus, I had to make lunch for the Crew!!
It was a bit scary with the truck RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW GOING DOWN THE HILL!!! Grandma KC was freaking out!! :)

{I am in the black hooded sweatshirt by the post!}
It was Grandma KC's birthday Friday so we HAD to have a party
and CELEBRATE on Saturday!! :)
We made a cake and the Boys & Grandma decorated it while the rest of us were outside.

{Who's birthday is it?? Poor Grandma didn't even get to blow out her own candles!!}

Back to it!! Now I have to get ready for tonight!! It is my Bitty Birthday Bash night!! So watch for a post tomorrow with pictures of what we made!! :)

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