Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Linda's Birthday Party

Grandma Linda, Evan, Jabin & Amaya

My Step~Mom's {Linda} Birthday was Oct 2nd. We Celebrated last night. Linda & My Dad live in Rochester, MN... A two hour {one way!} drive away from us. So we met in River Falls, WI at, of all places, McDonalds! :) Were else can you feed a Family and have so much Fun!! :) My Sister Tina and Niece Amaya rode with us and my little sister Amanda came along with my Dad & Linda.
Mmmm, CupCakes!

Shown above is Jabin, Amaya & my cupcake...

Below Evan is pointing to his!! :)

Greg & I

Grandma bought the Kids ice cream!

This was our gift & card for Linda.

I found the Card Organizer Idea *here* on Patty's Blog.

Then I made a set of 6 blank matching note cards.

This is the Card Tina made for Linda!
Yep, She just drew it ~herself~ on Kraft Card Stock!

I think She needs to have her own stamp company!! :)

After we ate & goofed around! :) We went to Shopko and the kids brought Grandma & Grandpa to see the TOYS!! The kids were giving BIG Hints of what they would like for Christmas!! :) Then we drove home so the kids could get to bed, since they had school today.
Sometimes the simple things in life are the best!! :)

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