Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Vacation" Time

Greg is on "Vacation" this week so we are working on the house. He is keeping me busy! :)
{Yes, my dear friends I am getting some window trim & base boards stained!!}
Today we ran to Menards and we had Lunch at MY FAVORITE Place...CHIPOTLE!!!
I might not post much the rest of the week, so I just wanted to let you know ahead of time!

I'll share a picture of Evan & Jabin taken in our backyard!

After I took the one of them, I was letting the boys take their own Fall Pictures.

Evan took this picture of Greg.

Greg has been cutting wood for the burner!

That is a GOOD Thing since I am a freeze baby!!

Jabin took this picture of Evan. Let's just say he is VERY MAD, because it was his turn with the camera and he wanted it, and Jabin wasn't handing it over!!!

{You can see in the background some of the work we are trying to get done this week!! ;)}

I found some Cool things to use for stamping at Menards...I'll share later!

Have a good week!

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