Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Party at School & other Weekend Stuff

Friday I got to help in Jabin's class for their little Halloween party.
{after that I thought WOW! I don't thank the Teachers enough for the Job they have & do!!} {God Bless them!! :)} Spider~Man Jabin
Fireman Sam Evan

Chloe the Cheerleader!!
Friday night we took the kids out Trick~or~Treating after meeting up with Tina & Amaya. I didn't even get any pictures. :( Tina has some on her blog of her girls *here*.
Saturday Greg's parents came to visit. They left for Texas today. They won't be home 'til spring!! :( I am sad because I WILL miss them!!! A BIG thanks to Karen for helping me cut scallop envelopes with the Big Shot and stuffing make~n~take bags. {I was getting ready for my Night out w/Mr. Twigster.} Other BIG news Amaya lost her FIRST TOOTH!! :)
We didn't get our pumpkins carved 'til Sunday! So after weeks of wanting & waiting to carve pumpkins, the boys almost started to cry because they thought the pumpkin guts were SO GROSS!! Greg & I ended up cleaning out the pumpkins! We also did some wood/brush clean~up in the woods, took the kids for a ride in Daddy's "Impressive" car and stopped for an ice cream cone. {That was the first time they got a ride in His "Impressive" car!!}
Later Sunday night we went to Tina's to have supper and Celebrate Nicci's 18th Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Nicci!!! :)
Friday we are hosting a Birthday Party for her with Friends & Family.

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Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Nice music! Hmmmm sounds almost the same as mine.. Nicci is 18 now... Don't YOU feel old ?
Yes, I had a great time at Logger's along with everyone else! Thanks for keeping Amaya overnight (toothfairy, where's your wings?)