Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks!! :)

A BIG Thanks to those of you
that came to see me today at the ASC Bazaar in Amery!! :)
Again Bonnie THANKS for all your help!! And Thanks to Pat! {Bonnie's Hubby carried in & out ALL my stuff!}
I just want to say "Hi" to everyone I met today!! If you are new to stamping or just need ideas for the stamps & "stuff" you have, you are at the right place! I would be Happy to answer ANY questions you may have! My e~mail address is:
I will post more about my day later this weekend, but I NEED to go pick up the Boys. They have been at a "Craft Retreat" at GarageGramma's since last night. They paper crafted all last night and got up EARLY {6 am} and started paper crafting again. {that's my Boys!! :)}
Gramma is almost out of tape & paper, so I better get there before they start a riot!!
Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!
You will have to check out the poem Gramma wrote on her blog about the Boys!! It is SUPER CUTE!! :)

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