Sunday, November 23, 2008

This & That

Stay tuned... on Wednesday November 26th...

Get Ready for the Holiday Extravaganza Sale!!

The sale is a limited-time, 20% to 50% discount on select product bundles!

I don't know what will be on sale either!

I am SO excited to find out!! :)


How cute is Ann??? If you knew her you'd agree!! She made scones for the ASC Bake Sale and she used her punches to make tags!! :) {These were REALLLLLLLY good by the way!!} She also shared some of her Pumpkin Bread with Bonnie & I...Yummmmm!!

That is the only picture I have of the Bazaar yesterday!! I guess I forgot my camera!! Kari from the center took some pictures so when I see them on the web I'll let you know.

After getting the Boys from my Mom's yesterday we had to go buy new coats for the boys. We didn't plan that, but Evan's zipper broke when we were leaving. We picked up a pizza for supper. Evan fell asleep on the way home and stayed sleeping 'til 7 am! Jabin & Greg worked on a 550 pc puzzle. I was organizing my paper in my file cabinet. I had to make room for all the new In Colors!! :)

Today was a Headache day! :( I got up a few times this morning and made some hashbrowns and went back to bed 'til Noon! Greg was still working on the puzzle, and the Boys were crafting!

My Grandma & Grandpa Herdahl came to visit today, they were in New Richmond and decided to visit. I had to warn them that the house was a mess, but they said they wouldn't look! :)

When they got here they said to me, "You look pale!" {thanks!}

It was nice to visit. They were giving Greg a hard time...

"You must be done with the house if you have time to work on a puzzle!" they told him.

Grandma bought some Christmas gift tags the boys made. She bought 5 from each of them. They counted them out and put them in little bags for her. When she asked how much they were they said, "25 cents." They were so excited to get money. She ended up giving them 50 cents each.

Greg & the Boys finished the puzzle right before supper! :)

After supper we got out the camera and "practiced" taking Holiday family photos. We got some cute ones. They funny part is, Evan was in his jammies, Jabin was in his Spider-Man Suit, Greg looked fine, I didn't do anything with myself today {and I looked "pale"}...I didn't have my hair done or any make-up on... And I still love the pictures, Because they are SO US!! :)

{I don't want to post the picture YET! :) I'm going to make you all wait!}

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Justina said...

Dear sis- don't be so stubborn and see the doctor for your headaches! PLEASE! I'm begging you- you 'll be glad you shouldn't suffer through the days like that... 10 minutes after the onset of a headache you'll feel better, trust me. Love me