Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Art Work & Monday What I WANTED to do...

Jabin's picture of Gordon in a snow storm.
Evan's picture of Thomas on Halloween night.
I brought the boys to school this morning, then picked up a few groceries and went to the bank. I was getting ready to work on clear coating some trim {since I'm on the verge of a break-up, because it is not done yet!! And since Greg finished the siding over the weekend, GO HIM, and is ready to work on inside stuff!!} and wouldn't you know, the can is 1/2 full and ALL DRIED UP!!! I wanted to cry!! I had to call Greg & tell him. I was ready to run to the St. Croix Falls Menards, but he is going there after work and said he would pick some up.

So, I can't clear coat trim, so I thought I would get my menu done & clean up and do all my other stuff...the phone rings and it is the school nurse. Evan is sick, so I go back to town to get him..back home... get him in jammies, fill the wood burner and get him down for a nap. Now I'm going to start supper and try to get some more of my "to dos" done before Evan gets up and wants Mommy and Jabin gets home from school.
Hope you all have a good day!! :)

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GaRaGe GrAmmA said...

Hope Evan is feeling better today. Give a get well hug from Gramma.Pick a day next week if you want help with the trim. Let me know. Mom