Thursday, November 20, 2008

"what i like to do"

I liked my sister's to do list so I thought I'd copy her and share about what my list turned out like yesterday:
  • Up Early {x}
  • Pack Jabin's Lunch {x}
  • Get Jabin Ready for school since Evan is still sick and will be home again {x}
  • Get Jabin out to the bus at 7:18 {x}
  • Pepsi time {x}
  • Gather Garbage and bring down to the road {x}
  • Fill the wood burner with wood and try to burn all the hair off my face {eye brows & lashes} and the hair off my head...Mmmm the smell of burnt hair! {x}
  • Call Greg to tell him what happend {x}
  • Hear him laughing at ME and he tells me "what I like to do" {x}
  • My Mom here to help me with Evan and trim work, so My husband doesn't kick me out of the house for not getting the trim work done, all because she doesn't want me to move in with her, beacuse I have tooooo much stuff {x}
  • Drink the Lg McDonalds Coke my mom brought for me {x} thanks mom!
  • Get to work on the trim {x}

I could go on & on but I don't want to bore you! :) My Mom & I did get LOTS done and she is coming over again today to finish up most of what we started yesterday!! I will still have more to do, but at least the trim we have here will be done!! :) But After another trip to Menards the fun will start all over again.

These are the window parts we will sand today and add one more clear coat to...then they will be DONE!!! Then Greg can put them up!! {I don't know why it took me SO LONG to get this done, I guess because I just DON'T like this kind of work, but I know I need to do my part & help Greg out, since it is OUR Home! :)
Have a good day!! :)
P.S. Evan is better now and went to school today!


Joy said...

Well it is about time!! LOL :) Also glad to hear that Evan is feeling better...our house had the stomach flu over the weekend. The trim looks great and can't wait to see it up on the windows GREAT JOB!

Justina said...

It's great that you want to do what I do too! Awww sisterly & motherly LOVE... Sis