Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas With Family

Saturday December 20th we went through all the snow to Rochester, MN to have Christmas with my Dad & Linda.
Jabin & Evan in front of Grandma & Grandpa's Tree.

Jabin got the Spider~Man Web Shooter he ALWAYS wanted and a Spider~Man Car, jammies and lots of other cool stuff!

Evan was helping Grandma hand out all the presents!

There was ONE BIG BOX left over...

"Grandma is that for ME???"It was for him!!

And it was the Thomas Action Cannon set he has been DREAMING about!

He kept saying "I'm SO lucky!" when he was opening it!

He got lots of other cool things, too!We had dinner at Perkins and went to a Play my Dad was in at his Church. Then back to Gr & Gr for Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake, then we headed home.

{It was a long drive! Right Honey??!! We made it home around 1 am!!}

On Sunday December 21st we had Christmas with my Mom & Ted.

EvanJabinThe got totes FULL of crafting supplies!!

And also puppets that my Mom made for them.

Mom and her Sheep we gave her for Christmas.

{made by Tina of course!!}

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