Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 15th Tonic Sol-fa Day in Mpls!

Last night was Date Night for Greg & I!!
Gramma Kathy came to spend the night with the Boys!
{thanks MOM! :)}
We went out to eat with some Friends at the Hard Rock Cafe in Minneapolis...
Dawn, Jimmy Legs, Greg, Me {after two drinks!}, Scotty J and Glenda
Then we went to Tonic Sol-fa at Orchestra Hall!!
If you went to the Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City, UT over the summer,
they were the group that sang for us!! :)
{I was more than a tad excited at convention, let me tell you!! If you haven't read about it you will find my posts about it *here* and *here* oh and *here* }

We FINALLY made it to the show after getting LOST in the sky ways!

We missed the opening act, Richie McDonald from Lone Star.

Darn it!

Lucky for us he came out and sang another song {Already There} with Tonic Sol-fa.

I WISH I could have taken better pictures!
While we were there they announced that
How Cool Is That!

After the show we were leaving and I got crunched in the revolving doors!
{I was SO embarrassssssssed, but I am still laughing about it!}

We ended up walking outside the WCCO Plaza {Ch 4} while they were doing the 10:00 news.
I found the segment Good Question on their web site and saw one of the guys walking in the background!

It was SO cold walking last night!
And I LOST my FAVORITE knitted mittens! :(

Lost must have been the theme for the night,
because Scotty J couldn't find the entrance to the parking ramp, didn't know what level he parked on and couldn't find the parking ticket!

Greg and I got home just after 12 am.
Gramma Kathy & the boys were sleeping cozy! :)

{thanks for the wonderful date night, Greg!!}

{and thanks again Mom for staying!}

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