Saturday, December 13, 2008

E & J's Gingerbread Houses

Friday at school the boys made Gingerbread Houses.
Gramma Kathy & I went to help! It was fun! :)
Guess who didn't bring a camera!! Yep, ME!!
Luck for me Gramma had her camera phone and Jabin's Teacher Mr. Moore was taking pictures so he sent me these...
Here Jabin and I are working on his house...


Evan & Jabin
How nice was that! Plus, with all the activity going on, we left Jabin's backpack at school. So Mr. Moore called us, got directions and brought Jabin's backpack to our house for him!!
What a Great Teacher! :)

Thanks for a fun afternoon!
And Thanks to Evan's Teacher, Mrs. Koerper, for sending home leftover candy and royal icing so we could make little houses with our cousins today!
I'll have to post those pictures another time! :)

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