Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy December! :)

It is the Busy Season!! :)

We got through 2 Thanksgivings, 1 Thanksmas {my Dad's side of the family celebrates Thanksgiving & Christmas together!}, Helping with Roller Skating at school this week, helping with my friend Angie's girls {holding a baby twice in one week, darn!:)}, applying the last coats of clear coat to the trim we have {we need more yet, but the stuff we have is DONE now!!} so we can finish our bedroom, stamp class, card exchanges, loosing a tooth, Greg is getting over Strep-throat, Holiday Family Night at school & just everyday life! :)

Today we went and cut down our Christmas Tree at the Tree Farm up the road, we are putting up trim and the boys are at a Birthday Party.

Here are some pictures of the busy events:
~Thanksmas Program~
Evan, Amaya & Jabin sang Over the River & Through The Woods.
Evan sang a song about the Pilgrims that came to America and Jabin sang I am Santa with his Monkey.
Time for the Nativity part of the program:
Evan was a Shepard.

Jabin a Wise Man.

Amaya was Mary.

Justina & Family
{Justina-this is one of the good ones, there are a few more!}
Me, My Boys and Santa...A.K.A Grandpa Doug!
Evan & Jabin thought Santa sounded like someone they knew!
Then Evan shouts out:
"HE'S A FAKE!!!!"
On Monday Jabin said to me while waiting for the bus,
"I can't believe Grandpa Doug went to the North Pole!"
We told them Santa needed a helper, so Grandpa Doug was helping him! :)

Grandma Linda Kissing Santa!

Roller Skating!

Evan just starting out!

I'll be posting the Holiday Cards from the exchange I was in later!
Have a great weekend!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog yesterday. I'm from a SW suburb of the Windy City & my brother lives in Wisconsin! Thought it was neat that we are neighboring states & that my brother resides in your state as well.

Love the photos, especially of Grandma giving Santa a kiss, too precious!

Have a stampendous day!

Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)