Monday, January 12, 2009


My 32nd Birthday last Monday was fun!

The Boys went back to school after being home for 12 days! {What a Gift! :)} Greg took the day off to spend with me. {How Sweet!} We went to the McDonalds drive through for a breakfast sandwich and a LARGE COKE, Now I LOVE my Pepsi, however my 2nd fav is a LARGE McDonalds Coke for some reason!

We put carpet in our Master bedroom over the weekend so MY choice was to go look at Closet Organizers. We went to Lowes {Go Jimmie Johnson!}, but didn't like what we saw for closet stuff.

Our next place to look was IKEA! {I love that place!}

But FIRST, we met my Friend Tony in a parking lot {of all places} so I could get my Cities 97 Sampler Vol 20!

I started collecting with Vol 12. In 2002 I started working for Tony at Blue Cross. I asked for a morning off one day in November, when he asked why I told him so I could go to Target to get a Sampler. He informed me that he had a "connection" and could have that person buy me one. SWEET! It has turned into our yearly thing. With the exception of the Sampler Jimmy Legs picked up for me. This year Greg went to buy me one and they were SOLD OUT. Tony had a friend, that had a friend who had an extra, so I got my copy!! It was $32. {thanks Tony!}

Greg & I looked around IKEA. We really liked their closet organizing systems.

After IKEA, we had to stop for gas & groceries. Greg bought me a power ball ticket. He did the quick pick and the power ball number was 32!

{Sadly, I didn't win!}

After the boys got home from school we had supper and Birthday Cupcakes.

Evan's sweatshirt had a 32 on it, so he said he was my Gift! :)

Greg & the boys gave me a ring.

Jabin said a month ago he was going to buy me Jewelry for my Birthday! I told him I LOVE jewelry, just not bracelets!

We ended the night with some Kung Fu Fighting. I don't know how it started, but it was SO funny! I had my camera so I got some video. {not the best quality, but it is still funny!}

BTW-This is just a normal thing at our house! :)

Overall I had a Great Birthday!

Thanks everyone! :)

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Ann said...

Hey Andy,
I'm glad you had a great bday! I have to ask about the book you are showing on your blog. What is it about?
I have a couple different book/catalog collections. I am in the middle of trying to collect all of the Stampin' Up Idea Books. Crazy I know! I have the97/98 up until now. I'm still on the hunt for the others to complete my collection. I should have been a demo in the earlier days. The sets fit my style much better. :)
Also, every Christmas I ask for the Gooseberry Patch Christmas Volumes. This year was their 10th anniversary! I also received the Christmas All Through the House Collectors' Edition Book! I was so excited!! Enough of my ramblings. :)
Stay warm & have fun with your boys!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)