Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family Get~A~Way Weekend :)

What a nice weekend! We had a little family get~a~way. We left Friday evening and drove to Tomah, WI. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there. The weekend was planned awhile ago by my Mom's side of the family. Most of them {us} were there. Her one Sister, and Brother & their family's couldn't make it.
Leave it to Greg to say that we were there for the HoneyMoon "Sweet" while checking in. The funny part was some guy told us Congratulations! :)
The Boys were SO Excited for the trip!! They have never stayed in a hotel before!! {And this one had a pool!!!} Here they are swimming:Jabin, Amaya & Evan Evan said this meant No Diving or it will "Die" your hair. :)
Friday night we swam and had a good time. I think we went to bed around Midnight! Then the boys were up at 6:30 am on Saturday. I told them we could go get breakfast. They were excited! Then we went back to the pool. We ran out to get lunch and went back to our room. Greg has been reading us a book, so we took time to all snuggle on the bed. It wasn't long and the boys were sleeping. Greg & I also took a nap with them. {that was my favorite part of the trip, that time we spent together!}
After our nap, we went back to the pool. After swimming we all met in a meeting room and ordered pizza. Here are some of the kids drawing. It looked like they were having a meeting of their own. :)
We went back to our room and the boys watched a movie. Greg watched part of a movie. Since we brought out computer, I read blogs and looked up and got lots of stamping ideas. {That made me want to start stamping cards!}

I guess my Mom, sisters and cousin Kari stayed up and had a few drinks. {How come I always miss the party??? :)}

This morning we had breakfast and took the boys back to the pool for a little while. Then we had to pack our things, check out and head home. Here are Jabin & Evan reading books while Greg & I got our things together.

I can't wait to see the other pictures my family took. I only had taken 9 pictures total!
We had a great weekend and it is nice to spend time with those you love! Yet, it is nice to come home when you have been gone a few days. I hope we do this again next year!! :)

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Ann said...

How fun was that! It's wonderful that you are able to spend special moments with your family!! Cherish them all!

Thanks for sharing,
Ann :)