Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Fun & Bus Driver Cards

I feel like I am SO behind!!
I have been having bad migraines, I have strep throat and now a cold. Finally, I took my older Sister's advise and went to the Dr for the migraines, that's how I found out about the strep. I now have some meds to "help" with the migraines. I am slowly getting better.
Yesterday afternoon was NOT fun, my head hurt SO bad, I can't even tell ya! I had my Holiday Collection Workshop in the morning, that was fun, but by the time the stamping ladies left, I was done for! :( I canceled my evening class and will re-schedule that soon.
I have more to share I since I have been stamping. I had a workshop and the Scrap-A-Thon last week and today I made some Birthday invitations.
For Now, I will share some pictures of the boys. I know that their Grandma's & Grandpa's miss them. We had teacher conferences last week and they are both doing very well in school! We are so proud of them! When I told them that they both smiled. Evan said he was proud of me because I stamp cards for people and Jabin was proud of his dad because he got the carpet done. :)
Some Winter Fun!!
Jabin and Evan plowing their way to the bus stop...

Wisconsin had Bus Driver Appreciation Week. {last week}
I just gave them a pc of folded card stock.
And here are the cards the boys made for Sue our Bus Driver:

Jabin's Card:

Evan's Cards:

That is all for now!!
Andy :)

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I know that's not a boy word, but I couldn't help it. :) Love the photos as always!
Take care of yourself girlfriend!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)