Monday, March 16, 2009

The Boys...

The Boys are on Spring Break this week.
Jabin was sick last Wednesday, and Evan wasn't himself either. {fevers & coughing} So they missed school Thurs & Friday. They are better now. Jabin still has a cough and the two of them have still been getting up {at different times!} at night... that just means I'm tired!! I wanted to share some pictures they made:Jabin drew this self-portrait! I found this picture by Evan in the back of one of his school papers. It brought a tear to my eye, I tell ya! If you can't read it he wrote, "I like to play with my mom". Here they are with their babies. {Jabin's Baby Tony!!} They were taking care of them and pushing them around in the stroller. They will make GREAT Dads someday! :) {Evan forgot to dress his baby! But he did go to the kitchen with the bottles to warm them up!! :)}

Today was nice out so we went for a little walk in the back of our woods. There is LOTS of mud to play in now that the snow is melting! It will be a busy week around here for being "Spring Break!!" I'll get my break over the weekend!! :)

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Ann said...

Talk about tugging at the heartstrings! Your boys are just soooo very sweet. I know that's probably not a "boy" term, but I only have my daughter so I'm not good with "boy" words. :)

What a lucky Mom you are & what lucky boys to have a Mom like you. Oh & Dad as well, your hubby sounds like a great Dad as well! Didn't mean to leave him out.

You are right, you are helping your boys become men later in life by how they learn about life from their parents. :) They are definitely on the right track!

Hugs to you & all your boys!
Ann :)