Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duluth Retreat Weekend 2009

The weekend was booked MONTHS ago!!
A Retreat Weekend for us Wasabi Stampin' Chicks! :)
Planned by Angie.Danielle drove. There were 4 of us going in her van. YES, this was all our stuff!!
We did make a stop in Pine City, MN at a few Stores.
Discount Scrapbooking/Stamping
{tell them Ann sent you and they give you 10% off...Right Ann?? :)}
{{I can't find my card with the web address??}}

****THIS WAS NOT US, Just an accident we drove by****

We ran into BAD weather on the way up!! Danielle kept her Cool...{OK she tried to keep her cool} with accidents everywhere, crazy drivers and slippery hilly roads. A car got T-boned RIGHT next to us, on a hill while we were STUCK trying to go up and couldn't move. We couldn't back-up because the car behind us was SO close.

We managed to get out of the situation with out an accident. It was a GREAT feeling just to get to the house we rented!! We ordered Pizza because we didn't want to go back out on the roads. Sandy & Bonnie arrived not to long after we all got there. They didn't encounter incidents like ours!!

I found these tins at Target and couldn't resist the "Wasabi" colored Peep Chicks!
I made one for each of us.

I don't have a picture, I think Angie does, but I did get my Circle Scissor Plus right before we left so I brought it with. That was the First thing I went to use and as I was taking the blade guard off, I cut my finger!! Only ME!! :)
Needless to say I put that away and started on Baby cards.
Yep, the time is 2.
2 AM that is!!
By 2 am I made 18 baby cards!! I was so proud!! :)

Saturday we went to another Stamp Store in Duluth called
We ate lunch at the mall, did some shopping and went back to Stamp.
Stampin' Away!!

WASABI Stampin' Chicks
Angie, Ann, Me, Bonnie, Sandy & Danielle

Angie, Danielle & I with our fun PJ Pants and a Strawberry Daiquiri made by Angie!

This is what Ann made us for breakfast on Sunday Morning!! It was a blue berry french toast bake with cream cheese chunks in it! It was SOOOOOO Good!!

I made little boxes for the Chloe and The Boys. I found Evan a Thomas Stamp and Jabin a little monkey & a monkey stamp. Bonnie bought Chloe a little horse.

This was my work space. :) I gotta have my Pepsi!
I seen a stamp Saturday that said:
"With enough caffeine I could rule the world!"
Sunday we headed home. We laughed most of the way. Mostly about the weekend. Then a Blazer passed us and he was pulling a trailer with mattresses in it. It was very windy... One of the mattresses flew out of the trailer and landed on the side of the road. We laughed about that! :)
We stopped in Spooner, WI to eat supper. Bonnie & Sandy found us there! :) MORE laughing happened there. We made it home. I was dropped off at around 7:30 pm.
Greg & the Boys were VERY happy to see me! :) {I really did miss them!}
When I gave them their gifts, Evan had a tear in his eye, because he was so happy he got a Thomas Stamp! {We didn't have one and I have been LOOKING & Looking for one!!} Jabin liked his monkey stuff, too.

My Mom had the Boys for a few Hours on Friday, Greg picked them up after work. Then it was just Greg & The Boys all weekend. They did go see Greg's brothers on Saturday. Then they went to Fleet Farm and got new Rain Boots on Sunday. They had a good weekend, too.

Thanks for the Fun Weekend Wasabi Stampin' Chicks!! :)

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