Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday's Find

I had some places to go on Friday so I picked up My Mom and we went to Town. {Heheheee} Her Friend works at a Furniture Store and there was a used bench my Mom wanted to look at. The Furniture store will take your OLD stuff when they deliver your NEW stuff. Then they can't re-sell the old stuff, so they give it away. While my Mom was looking at the bench & talking to her friend, Diane, I was looking at this....I fell in LOVE with it. I said I liked it and she asked if I wanted it?? SAY WHAT!!?? Hmmm Let me think...YES!! So she said if I wanted it she would put my name on it & we could pick it up. OMGoodness!! I was SO excited!! That was all I could think about the rest of the day!! I didn't know how I would get it home, she said to call her husband. So my Mom called him and he was already in town with his truck!! What LUCK!! :)
Later my Mom, Ted & Wayne went and loaded this baby up and brought it over. Greg was here to help them un-load thank goodness!!

I guess it was not "Free" since I bought $9.95 in beer for the delivery crew! :) I still think this was a Fabulous Friday Find!! It was VERY Dusty, but with a little work I got it cleaned up! It is still empty, but I'm sure it won't be for long.

While the Guys talked the Boys, Gramma & I played a game. Then the boys did some coloring and ended up playing some computer games.

It was a fun night!!
Thanks again, Wayne & Diane and Mom & Ted!!
And thanks to Greg for not being toooo mad that I brought more "crap" home. :)
{Don't worry...He did think it was nice.}

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Ann said...

Talk about a cool find! That furniture store sounds like a wonderful place! What a great way to recycle too. Love your decor on top too!
So will you use it as a TV armoire or change it into something else?
Love the photo of you all playing a game!
Have a wonderful day!
Ann :)