Friday, March 20, 2009

A Rochester Visit

Since the Boys are on Spring Break this week we went to visit My Dad & Linda in Rochester. Greg took the day off so he could go with. The kids got to visit with Gr & Gr while Greg & I had a hot date at Bust Buy! :) {We only spent $9.62 on a new memory card for our camera.} Tina & Amaya were there because Amaya had an appointment at the Clinic. Amanda came over to see us since she lives near my Dad.
After we got back and ate cookies, we all went to the Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester, MN. The kids ran around. {it must of been the cookies!} It was feeding time so the kids thought that was cool to see. The boys bird watching...



{Silly Me}


Later we went back to my Dad & Linda's house and we had hot cheesy chicken sandwiches. {They were yummy Linda!!} After we visited for a bit we headed back home.

We had a fun day!!
Thanks Dad & Linda!! :)

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