Friday, April 24, 2009

Wild, Wild West

Jabin & Evan-Ready for Wild, Wild West Day at school!
Tonight the School is having a Wild, Wild West Carnival. It should be fun! :)

This week Evan had a terrible cough and was home from school Mon, Tues & Wed! I sent him yesterday. He wasn't coughing as much last night, so I hope that means he is getting over it!

Jabin came home from school Monday with red, itchy, watery eyes. He woke-up Tuesday and couldn't open his eyes. {That freaked him out!!} It took 20 mins to get his eyes cleaned up. I took him to the Dr and He had Pink Eye. {In both eyes!} So he was home Tues & Wed.

Today Greg woke up with yucky eyes... Pink eye{s} for him, too! Luck for him he was off work today. I need to go to work today since the Boys were home this week, I didn't get to go in.

Tomorrow we are putting the trim in the "Stamp" Room. I have been working on getting everything out!! My Goodness, there is lots of stuff in here!! It is giving me the chance to sort & organize my "stuff"! So that is a good thing!!
I have a workshop on Sunday so I'll share the projects on Monday!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

andy :)

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