Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another {busy} Week :)

Yet another busy week here! Evan had is class program Tuesday night! We went out to eat before hand. Thanks Grandma KC, Grandpa Loren, Gramma Kathy, Tina, Nicci & Amaya for going with us! :) Grandma Audrey met us at the program. Grandpa Doug & Grandma Linda were so SAD they couldn't be there!! {DON'T worry we have a great video for you to watch!!}
Jabin's program is this Tuesday! {We hope to get a great video of that to share also!}
{Evan}{Evan told his teacher "This is the greatest day of my life!" during the program! :)

The Class did a little play of The Rainbow Fish.

Evan was the Little Blue Fish and his School Friend Madilyn was The Rainbow Fish.

Five Little Firefighters Song

Jabin watching his "Brother". He had "front row" seats with Dad!

{Mrs. Koerper & Evan}

{Madilyn & Evan}
Another "highlight" of the week was Denise's Garage Sale!
We got some Star Wars Lightsabers, {WHAT was I thinking?!} some Star Wars Ships and some Magic Tree House Books.
{This is Jabin Wednesday around 6pm!}

{This is Evan Friday around 5:30 pm!}

Over the weekend we have been working on the stone. We have the front of the house done and now we are working on the side entry stone. It looks so nice! We even have some flowers on the front porch! Greg found some nice dirt to put in the pots and the Boys & I planted the flowers, spikes and vines. {I don't have a picture...yet.}
We went to Greg's Parents last night. {GREAT TACOS and Food Grandma KC! :)} It was nice to visit, the kids played, and we all played a little baseball. Grandma KC is quite the power hitter! :) Who Knew?!

{Tasha, Cassie, Jabin & Evan}
Tonight the Boys & I went over to Angie's house. I "hired" her to make an Instruction PDF Sheet for the Rockabilly Class on Wednesday. So I had to pick that up. It looks GREAT! I am so excited to share it with the "Class"!! After we "talked" we took the kids "O-U-T" to run, play and eat watermelon, or if your Cassie, to eat dandelions. :)

andy :)

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Ann said...

Thanks for sharing! I still remember those days when Alyssa was little. They are very precious & it's great that you are capturing them with your camera to preserve.
Ann :)