Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

These are the Flowers Greg & the Boys Gave me. The Boys also made me lots of cards. :) Jabin brought his to me at 6:30 am and told me Happy Mother's Day! Not much later Evan came in our room all dressed and had on his "My Mom Rocks" t-shirt, and gave me the card he made for me. Then the boys ran off to the stamp room to make me some more cards & pictures.

Here are the cards I made for my Mom{s}.

I am fortunate enough to have 4 "Moms"
My Mom- Kathy aka GarageGramma

My Mother-In-Law- Karen

My Step-Mom- Linda

and My {x}Step-Mom- Audrey

I seen *this* card and LOVED it so I "case'd" it.
I made a few extras. Lucky I did because my Mother-In-Law loved it so much she bought one for her friend! :)

Have a GREAT Day!!!
andy :)

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