Monday, May 25, 2009

Stone Work Pictures :)

I took a few pictures today. "We" were going to get up and get going on the stone work this morning. Greg was up and out working early, Evan & I were busy sleeping 'til 9! :) {Sorry Honey!} After the Boys & I had breakfast, I was out helping Greg.
This is what we finished over the weekend... This is the front porch.
The side entry sidewalk area before & after! :)
{It looks great!!}

This kept us busy ALL day! {All weekend really!} The Boys played in the little pool. They pretended that they were at the beach and this was our "beach house".
We all got toooo much sun. But it was a nice day to be outside.

We just have a few pieces of stone to put on after we pour the garage apron.

Now "all" we need is a sidewalk to the front porch/entry door, the driveway done, the house painted, a deck, a swing set {per the Boys}, retaining walls, some lawn & landscaping and we should be good! :) {Outside anyways!}

andy :)


Ann said...

Looks great Andy! We have some stone accents on our house too. Our sidewalk is brick paved as well as the front porch. But we didn't do the hard work like you did!

Kathy S. said...

Andy, that is awesome! How beautiful. That list of yours is long~ it never seems to get shorter either does it? Because there is always a new idea...

We worked all weekend too on the yard. It seems to take so long for the simplest (looking) task...I am thinking a smaller yard would be nice. lol