Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop & Smell The Tulips

Another busy week here!
We don't have much for a yard yet, it is "on the list" of to dos for this summer. My mom bought the boys some tulip bulbs last fall. So we planted them. And they actually GREW!! :) The Boys run to them after school to see how many are "open". Then, they squeal with excitement!!

It is the simple things in life that make your day!
I had my stamp clubs this week. I enjoy the "Stamping Ladies" it is so fun to see everyone, stamp together and "Chick Chat" about this & that. {not that I get much stamped, but you know what I mean!} Thank You ladies for bringing some fun on Wed & Thurs! :)

Malva was the "Hostess" this month and she brought some Chocolate Chip Cookies! I shouldn't call them "some" cookies, because like Jabin said last night:
"Malva makes the best cookies EVER!"

As you see in the picture there are 6 cookies left. There were 8. I ate two and I had to stop or I might have ate them ALL. So to be fair to my family I bagged up two for each of my "Boys"! :) Now I can't eat them. {I guess I could eat one from each bag, just to keep it even, JUST KIDDING! I'll try to control myself, they are just SO good!!} So THANKS again Malva for the Cookies!!

The weekend will be busy also! Greg is on his way home and I'm sure we will be outside working on the stone again. :)

Tomorrow my Niece Nicci graduates from High School!! I can't believe it! I am So Proud of her!! :) I better bring some tissues, to the graduation ceremony, I'm already tearing up just thinking about it. I wonder how her mom, Tina, is going to do??!! :)

Please Let me know ASAP if you want to take the Rockabilly Class on May 27th. The details can be found *here*.
Have a GREAT weekend!!
andy :)

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