Thursday, May 7, 2009

this & that... oh and one more thing!

I should be posting a few pictures from last weekend, however when I went to transfer them, they didn't transfer and were just GONE! {GRRRR!!}

I'll "quick" re-cap!

Saturday we went to Boyceville to an Auction and to see my Grandparents. As we were tucking the boys in bed Friday night I told Jabin that we were going to see Great-Grandma Herdahl, the one that lives by the train track and who has the yellow spider-man bouncing ball.
He looked at me and asked,

"You mean she's STILL Alive??"

I said, "Yes."

Then he clapped his hands excitedly and said...

Yes, This Great-Grandma is STILL alive, in-fact She JUST had a Birthday on Sunday.


Happy Birthday {again} Grandma! :)

Greg & I have been working on finishing the stone work on the front & side of the house. What a job that is! When I asked Greg who's idea was this anyway... he quickly reminded me it was mine! :)
Greg's Parents came back from Texas on Sunday. They have been gone since November!! We have missed them!! We didn't give them much time to settle in, only a few hours, and we went to Forest Lake to see them. The Boys were very HAPPY to see Grandma & Grandpa!! And it looked like Grandma & Grandpa were HAPPY to see them!
I haven't had time to stamp this week. :( Between the Boys, the House and work, there just hasn't been the time this week. Friday Greg will be home and we will be working on the stone, again. Then we are going to have a "date" night! :)
Greg's family will be here Saturday and Sunday I'm not sure what is going on! It is Mother's Day. And what I would like is Breakfast in bed, and a day to spend in the stamp room!! But, we need to get the boys some clothes, they are just growing like the weeds! :) So we might end up shopping, who knows!! Greg brought me home flowers today and my FAVORITE Carrot Cake for Mother's Day! {Thanks Boys!}
Happy Mother's Day to you Mom's, Mommies-to-Be, and those Want-to-be-Mom's! :)
It is also Teacher Appreciation Week and while I was at work today Mary bought some big tubs she thought would make great Sensory Bins! I LOVED that idea of hers!! :)
So after work I just "had" to pick-up some tubs, animals and rice for Evan & Jabin's teachers!
At home I typed some ideas of things to put IN the bin on cards, laminated the cards and added them to a ring. Oh LOOK... I guess I did stamp this week!! {Silly ME!}
I stamped the dog here and on Mr. Moore's I stamped a monkey! :)

I just tied the ring to the tub with some Pacific Point Ribbon.

They each have the BEST teachers! It is hard to believe the school year is almost over!

That is about it!

Oh and one more thing...

I have had some NEW Stamp Class Ideas brewing in my head... I just need to work out the details and I will send out my May Stampin' News and post pictures soon!! :)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

andy :)

I'm almost at 10,000 hits on my blog, I think that means a Give~A~Way is in order!! What do you think?? :)

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Joy Schauer said...

Love the idea of the give-a-way of course! Just have a question mom's mom (my grandma) was a Herdahl. Maybe we are long, long, long, lost cousins or something. Now wouldn't that be funny!!! lol So what is your grandmother's name? Where is she from?