Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day & T-Ball

Well happy {LATE} Father's Day to you Dads out there!! This was the card I made for one of my Dad's, My Dad to be exact. :)
Sunday we had waffles for breakfast then we took our Annual trip to Tiki Beach. {Lake Superior} It was SO Cold by the lake!! Only 60 some degrees!! BRRRRR!!! We walked along the beach then ate our lunch in the van. Walked along the beach some more and left.

We drove to different lake not far away and it was 84!! What a difference!! We had some ice cream and the boys went for a quick swim.

Here are the boys and "sharkie" on the top of the van! :)

{greg & i}
On our way home it started raining. We stopped for pizza and went home. It was a fun Father's Day with Greg & the Boys! :)
Monday was HOT!!
We put watter in our little pool and the Boys cooled off in that for most of the morning. We had some lunch and I had them take a little nap so they would be rested for T-Ball. Well they slept for almost 3 1/2 hours!! I guess they needed a nap!! :)

It was picture night at T-Ball so we had to be there EARLY!! I brought a picnic supper for us. We shared with Chloe! :) She said that I make the BEST sandwiches and would like them again next week at T-Ball.

{Anna, Evan, Chloe and Jabin}

{Jabin & Evan}

Today was ANOTHER HOT day!! This time we went to visit our cousins at the lake. Two of my Mom's Sisters {and their families} are renting lake homes near us. It was fun to see all the little cousins play.
Alex is 7
Evan, Jabin and Amaya are almost 6
Elsie is 5
and Alma is 3 1/2.
My Aunt Carla took most of the pictures today. I hope she will share them with us. {Hint, Hint! :)} The kids got to play in the water. We grilled out, the kids did some fishing and we headed home. :)
andy :)

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Kathy S. said...

Andy, Such cute kiddos...

I remember the first time ever I went to Duluth in July (before kids) It was 60 DEGREES!!! We had only packed summer clothes, and thankfully jeans. We had to buy sweatshirts, and we even rented a cabin with a heater & ditched the tent!!!

Isn't it amazing, the contrast we can have here?!!!!?