Monday, July 13, 2009

12 x 12 organized {for now}

I am often asked how I store my 12x12 paper. I just organized all my 12x12 card stock, paper and Simply Scrappin' Kits on Sunday evening so I thought I would share what I did...
I went with a simple {low cost} label system. Post-It notes, tape and a black sharpie marker. {how's that for economical??}
First, I sorted out my Non-Stampin' Up! papers and made some tabs for them. {Thomas, Monkey, Birthday, etc.} I also made tabs for Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. I made a tab for *used on past projects, because I wanted to keep that paper handy. I've used it on b-day invitations for the boys and I might want to use it for a scrapbook page. To divide the paper I taped the "tab" to an extra pc of 12x12 cardboard.
For my Stampin' Up! paper when I open it, I only make a cut at the top of the pack and keep the papers in the packaging. That way I can keep all the smaller pcs of that paper in that same pack and it keeps it all together! :) I made a tab for the paper Name and taped it to the 12x12 pc of cardboard that comes WITH the paper pack.

I sorted the solid 12x12 card stock, made tabs for them and taped the tab to a pc of matching 12x12 card stock. {So if I made a tab for Kraft 12x12, I taped the tab to a pc of Kraft card stock.}

For the Simply Scrappin' Kits I only open the top of the package also, so I can keep all the contents together. I made a tab for each kit {by name} and taped the tab to the Simply Scrappin' page that comes WITH each kit.

I hope you {get} how I organized my papers! :)

I know you'll ask about the red baskets so here you go...
I use red "shopping" baskets that I bought at a Scrapbooking store that went out of business. The funny part is I bought 4 12x12 paper racks and when I was checking out she asked if I wanted anything else... so I asked about the shopping baskets! She sold me the 12 baskets & the stand for $5. I have used them a lot! I can't use the racks I bought because
a) I don't have room for them in my current stamp room.
b) I had one in my room once and my paper started to fade because of the sun.

So for now I use the red shopping baskets. :)

There you go.
I hope seeing my {low cost} simple way to organize my papers & kits will help you to organize your own stash of papers.

I'd LOVE to see what you come up with!

andy :)

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Justina said...

An old black metal cabinet would look nice too~ except it wouldn't fit the 12 x 12 paper... Ill put your name on it....
Luv Justina
{the one with the nice olde black metal cabinet}