Wednesday, July 8, 2009

e & j's scrapbooking project

Evan & Jabin have been working on their own scrapbook pages this summer. I have been printing some extra photos for them to use. They have even inspired me!
It is fun to watch them work. They are SO proud of their pages and LOVE to show them off. So if you are ever visiting I'm sure they would let you look!! {Just don't ask to see mine! :)}

In June I took them to Archiver's for the first time. Both of them stood in there with their mouths dropped open! {I wish I had my camera for that moment!} They were so excited to find a few goodies to use on their pages. We had Gramma Kathy with and ate a picnic lunch in the parking lot! What fun! :)
Well I better up-load some more pictures to print!! We have had lots going on around here!!
~andy :)

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