Tuesday, July 28, 2009

happy 6th birthday e & j

Yesterday the boys received some birthday mail from "Grandma Kath".
{She is my friend Scott's mom that always sends the boys stickers in the mail. As they opened it they kept saying "Holy cow!" and "She's nice!"
Today was the big Birthday Day!
Jabin was up first and spotted the presents, so he went and got Evan up! :)
That started our day. They played with their new toys, we had French Toast for breakfast, then headed to the Mall of America for a day of fun. {Greg took the day off so we could ALL go!!}

{bummper card}

{a train ride}

{a hot-air balloon ride}

We met Sponge Bob,rode a ton of rides, played at Lego land and had some cotton candy.

We went to Chili's for dinner on the way home. I just happen to have two "6" birthday candles with so I
let our server know about the Birthday Boys and
asked her
to put them on their dessert. Then Greg & I sang to them. :)

Our fun day ended with a movie night at home.
Happy Birthday Boys!
{we LOVE you!}

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