Thursday, July 23, 2009

yesterday & today

yesterday the boys & i went to the neighbors to pick green beans.
{thanks win & jane!}
i might have taken a few pictures of the boys...

i love this b&w picture!

it made me think of grandma & grandpa retz's farm . i sure do miss them! :(

today while i should have been working on my customer newsletter i was out shopping. i brought the boys to greg's parents and had the day all to myself.

it is my favorite shopping season... school supplies!! :) i am happy to report that i finished school supply shopping today. the boys just need some new shoes and a few other things and we will be ready for FRIST GRADE. {first grade! ok... now i'm sad again.}

greg & i just had a nice beef and chicken kabob dinner with a rasperry lemon dessert at home. {big thanks to the meat & dessert counters at family fresh!:)}

now i need to put away school supplies!

{and finish my customer newsletter!!}

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