Thursday, August 13, 2009

welcome baby kaylee jo!!

ETA: If you want to see more baby pictures check out Kaylee Jo's Grammy's blog!

i am OFFICIALLY a GREAT AUNT! Congratulations to Nicci!! {what a gal! i am so proud of her!} My mom called at 11:49 am and said we better get to the hospital. I got amaya, evan & jabin ready and we left. we were in amery by 12:15 and i went in the room to see nicci {who was in lots of pain!} and things moved so fast!! she felt like she needed to push and next thing we knew kaylee jo was born at 12:37 pm. tina & i were there the whole time. i can't even express my emotions right now! I am so overwhelmed with excitement!

Kaylee Jo Mackenzie

6 pounds 10 ounces

21" long

she is as cute as cute can be ...and then some! :)

{i think that is a smile!}

{team delivery}

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