Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The First Day...

The First Day day of September,
The First Day of School and
The First Day of FIRST GRADE!!{Evan}
{Jabin, Mr. I lost a tooth last night!}

They were very excited for school today!

{Oh, Brothers!}
I had MY plans for the day, but they changed when Greg took the day off. We spent quality time together hauling sand, renting a "plate styled compactor" and making cement forms. {as a Bonus he was able to get the boys off to school with me. :)} He has been busy getting ready for cement. He/We would like to get the front sidewalk and garage apron done! Last Friday we had an excavator here making our yard it's final grade. They will be back to finish when "we" finish the cement & last retaining wall. His dad & friend Pat helped us out over the weekend. {Thanks you two!}
Back to today~
In keeping with the First Day of School tradition I baked chocolate chip cookies for the boys. {The idea came from our Oakdale neighbor Karen. :)} We eat them while talking about their day.

They both seemed to have had a great day, like their teacher & class and they both fell asleep on the bus ride home. {and they both missed me! :)}
Now I'm off to fill-out ALL that paperwork they send home on the FIRST day!

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