Thursday, September 10, 2009

LoVe NoTeS

I try to leave little {love} notes for Greg & the boys.
{I sneak them in their lunches. :)}
This morning I made Evan & Jabin's home lunch and added a little note with a sticker. I had the post-it note pad on the kitchen island and Evan found it, along with the sharpie!
Hmmm, what was he up to?? He told me I couldn't look, so I didn't.
Then he asked me "How do you spell, have?"
I told him and went to help Jabin finish getting ready for school.
We made it to the bus and this is what I found on my Pepsi when I got back to the house... How cute is that?? He just made my day! :)
Have you made someones day lately??
A little note or a hand stamped card would do just that!!
Have a "fun" day!!
~andy :)

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