Monday, September 21, 2009

Share Day Pages

The Boys and I have done a few scrapbook pages together.
{Scrapbooking isn't just for Girls, ya know! EVERYONE has moments & memories in life they don't want to forget!}
We worked on some pages over the summer and now that the new school year is here,
it is a great time to scrapbook!
Why?? You may ask...
Share Day!!
Some Teachers would like the students to share news, events and pictures, not bring in toys. This is a GREAT opportunity to scrapbook events and memories with your children!!
The Boys seem to recall details from things, I have forgotten about! So it is nice to have that little extra information to add to your pages.
Here is an example of how the page above came about.
First of all, I have been working on sorting and organizing my photos over the summer. {and I continue to work on it!} That came in handy when it was time to find some pictures for this page.
Jabin wanted to bring his Dinosaur to school. He brought it to school after he got it for Christmas in Pre~School, again in Kindergarten and now wants to bring it to First Grade! He was talking about when he got it for Christmas and how we were shopping with Gramma Kathy when she bought it. She had him pick it out and she said she was buying it for Cole. {his cousin} Boy, was he excited when he found out it was for HIM! :)
{Time to scrapbook that memory!}
I remembered seeing the pictures, so we got them out and he helped me create the page.
Tomorrow he will bring it to school to share with his class. He is excited about sharing the page and I am excited to have a scrapbook page done! :)
{Jabin even had to help take the picture so I could share it on my blog.}
On a side note Greg is on Vacation this week. He/we are still working on the yard. We have planted grass seed. {Grandma Herdahl you should be proud, we are SO close to having a yard!}
I am working on a few up-coming Stamp Classes and getting ready for Heritage Days on Sunday. I'll have a booth there again this year! I am SO excited! Stay posted for more details!!
Have a great week!!
andy :)

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