Monday, September 14, 2009

what have we been up to??

The Boys have been busy with First Grade!! We are all adjusting to a new schedule! :)
The NEW favorite thing for E & J to do is to have us move the cars out of the garage so they can ride bikes! With the new apron & sidewalk Jabin can really Cruz! Evan still has one training wheel so he has to stay "in" the garage to ride.
two boys on bikes
LOTS of skid marks & a dad that just shakes his head!

Greg & I have been working on the last retaining wall. {Mostly Greg, but I was helping.}Meanwhile the boys have had lots of time to ride bike and play in the mud!

Here is the wall we have been working on...
Now Greg has to get the top cap pcs and he should be done with the retaining walls.
{Good Job Greg!! It looks Great!!}
Hopefully Friday the excavators can come back to finish the final grade and the driveway. Then we can plant some grass seed. The Boys would like a swing/play set and Greg would like to take a break & go golfing I'm sure! :)
We'll see what happens.

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