Sunday, October 11, 2009

a rochester visit

Last Sunday the Boys & I took a nice little drive to Rochester, MN.

Just past the "Corn Cob", you will find the cutest little Bed & Breakfast.

Also known as Grandpa Doug & Grandma Linda's. :)
The Boys didn't have school Monday and Grandma Linda didn't have to work. And since we didn't get there all summer, it seemed like the perfect time for a visit.
Sunday night we went to Perkins for supper. The boys were so cute reading books in bed.
Monday morning we had pancakes, then headed for an out & about "tour" of parks. We went to a few different parks to play, then we went to an Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch. We were starting to get hungry at lunch time. Grandma Linda had to stop at the bank first so we did... Only to find the bank having a Tailgating Party to celebrate the Packer-Viking football game that night. They were serving Hot dogs, chips and cookies. {Yea!! We "Scored" a Free Lunch! :)}

After our lunch we went to the Mall. {NOT Grandpa Doug's Favorite Place!!} I was looking for jeans for our growing boys! The favorite stop for the Boys was Barnes & Noble. The boys LOVE that place, not only do they love all the books, they love to play with the Thomas Train Table.

After the mall fun, we went back to Grandma & Grandpa's. Grandpa had to get ready for work and the boys wanted to watch a movie. Jabin sat on a chair {only to fall asleep!} and Evan snuggled up with Grandma. I seized the opportunity to do some more shopping without the boys. {THANKS GRANDMA! :)

Later in the afternoon we had to leave and make the 2 hour drive home. Greg was home from work by the time we got home and had supper ready for us. We missed him and it was nice to be home again!

Thanks for the fun time Grandma Linda & Grandpa Doug! :)
{and for stocking up the Pepsi for me! :)}

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