Friday, November 6, 2009

just another week at the fribergs

We had a great time trick~or~treating Saturday! Sunday Nov 1st Greg's Family & Friend Jimmy Legs came over for dinner. We made some yummy food & desserts. Enjoyed the time with Family & Friends. The boys played Connect Four with whoever wanted to play against them. :)
Then my Dad & Linda stopped in, just long enough to get the boys all wild & crazy(er) and then the had to head back home.
It was sad to have to say good-bye to Greg's parents. This was the final visit before they head to Texas for 6 months. :(
Monday I worked on staining closet doors. {Greg bought more doors & trim for me to finish! thanks, honey!} We had Kaylee Jo that evening.
Tuesday more staining.
Wednesday the boys had early release at noon. They were SO excited to have an afternoon of "free time". We had some fun together! We also started sorting their books... {why did I start that project??} Jabin's class was in the Amery Paper this week. He was excited about that!
Thursday I went to work for a few hours. I also had to make a stop at the store to look for a costume or two... I knew if we waited we could get a deal. And for $3 a costume I guess I did! A small investment for hours of fun!! Look out future guests & "stamping ladies" We now have Captain America & Wolverine at our house!!!
Can you guess who is who???
Evan Jabin
After all the costume fun it was homework time! The assignment was to dress your Turkey so the Farmer wouldn't find it and have it for Thanksgiving dinner! It took a few hours but the boys were Very Proud of all the hard work they {we} did!
Jabin's Wolverine Turkey:

Evan's Scientist Turkey:

Today I have been stamping cards for next weeks Stamp Club, now to get back to my staining project! Greg is on his way home after a working long days all week! I am looking forward to the weekend with my "boys"!
Have a great weekend!!
andy :)

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